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Until The Day Break and The Shadows Flee Away

and so sun sinks

soaking us through 

with light unlit 

stars unhidden


frozen dreams 

carried off by a southwind 

winter in sands of some undying summer 

until the sea starts to sweat

and rocks stand up, stretching out 


A sequence of four triptychs, “Until The Day Break and The Shadows Flee Away,” showcases digitally captured images of snow geese migration that are a thematic continuation of the project Dusk: A Dying Day, which explored the concept of departure from two opposite, yet harmonizing perspectives. The so-called golden hour is perhaps the most popular time of day to photograph, but I seem drawn to it not only for its beautiful light but also because of the philosophical implications of that light's flight into another world - its fleeing. In the project on dusk, I began with a poem posing the question: Where do days go to die? This work expands upon those themes of departure, passage and quietus and their attendant sorrow through the novel medium of digital color. 

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