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about the artist

mainly practicing analog and mixed-media photography, haley currently shoots 4x5, 120 & 35. she hand-processes her film and prints her own silver-gelatin, lith, & alternative process work. though sometimes working in both digital and analog color, she generally prefers black & white film as her medium across small, medium, and large formats.


watching imagery materialize in a pool of chemistry never gets old. neither does the smell of fiber prints toasting as they flatten in the heat press. or the messy inking of bromoil prints. most of all, she values the community that forms in her local darkroom's shared artistic space. 

both her image-making and creative writing revolve around themes of departure, grief, and tenderness. she aims to illustrate otherworlds she sees within this one. haley continually returns to ontological questions of what it means to be us in the world and pragmatic ones of why/how/should we persist in the face of suffering. 

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2021| Chase the Light. Photographic Center Northwest, Seattle, WA


Certificate of Fine Art Photography, Photographic Center Northwest, Seattle, WA - In progress


Master's of Theological Studies: Harvard, University - In Progress


French Ministry of the Interior's Magazine, two photographs published - 2016

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